Why … do it?

Because it is something to do.

I originally wrote this blog because I was asked to give a lecture on photography.  The theme of the lecture was – “it’s up to you” and I spoke about “the four its”.

The blog was to be a follow on of the talk I gave at the Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW – Australia.  The talk was part of the Macarthur Heritage Lecture Series run by the National Parks Association to raise awareness of local environmental issues.

What I wanted to do was get more people to take photos.  I wanted to start a small fire in those who attended.

The talk I hoped provided “kindling” to help those attending to get their fires going.

Having started more than a few campfires, it occurred to me that motivation is like lighting a campfire.  You start with small pieces of wood, or kindling, and you have to tend the fire often and feed it little pieces of kindling.  Eventually the fire builds in strength and you have a big fire that you do not have to tend that often with fuel.

I designed the blog to be a pile of wood. A source of fuel to fuel that fire – a desire to take photos.

The its I spoke of were:

Do it..
Copy it..
Make it..
Enjoy it..

… I got a good reception at the lecture and a few people visited the blog but  they  stopped visiting… I guess the fire went out or they found another source of fuel.


I decided to rename the blog  – the first sign of madness

That being.. “talking to myself”… Because that is what having a blog is like.

I decided I was just going to “talk to myself”… mostly about photography..

I do believe the chinese proverb “one picture is worth a 1000 words”.  Back in the 90’s I put this belief into action and produced a website that shares what I was seeing in the wilderness with others.  The website worked because it now gets front page listings in Google when you do a websearch for wilderness places I have been to.  For example, punch in “the overland track“, Australia’s most famous multi day hike, or “The Snowy Mountains“, Australia’s premier alpine destination.  Many of the photos were uploaded in pre-broadband days, so the images are now relatively small.  But, Microsoft stopped supporting their web authoring software Frontpage, and I bought a new computer and operating system and didn’t get round to learning new software, then started playing around with other photographers in Flickr. I hope that sometime soon I will get round to updating my site..because I believe it does a good job…

If you want to listen… just go to “The Letterbox“… you can have a chat too.

Geoff Wise


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