.. With What?

  • An SLR.. such as the Canon 5d MII and the 17-40L zoom, 24-105L zoom and 100-400L zoom.
  • A Pocket Camera.. (Compact digital) such as the Canon S90.  I find these cameras extremely useful.
  • A phone.. one of my most memorable images I took with a phone.. follow this link to see why.. Mormons in Buenos Aires, Argentina

A pocket camera will do most of the jobs that an SLR camera will do, for around $500 -$800.  An exception being the wildlife photography that requires the big telephotos.  They are surprisingly good at macro shots of plants and flowers.

What else helps?  A tripod – it allows you to look closely at what is in the viewfinder and think about what it is you are photographing.  You get no camera shake or movement.  I have a friend in Queenstown, NZ who uses a Canon G9 (Compact point and shoot) with a tripod.  You can see his work at Peter’s Flickr page.

Once you get the hang of things, and you use a programme like Adobe Lightroom, something to help you compensate White Balance  is useful- such as the WHIBAL, see http://www.rawworkflow.com/ I won’t eleborate too much, but our brain compensates for the change in the colour of light which occurs when it is a cloudy day or we are in the shade.  Our cameras don’t do as good a job and sometimes get the colours a little wrong.  (Ever noticed some cloudy day photos seem a little too blueish?).

Also, each camera captures colours differently. Because of this fact, this product is a must… it will allow you to create a profile of your camera and display consistent colour .. the product is the  ColorChecker Passport, from X-Rite.  I have noticed a dramatic reduction in processing time in Adobe Lightroom, because of this product.  see my blog post for a bit more info..

Geoff in Heaven


One thought on “.. With What?

  1. One balmy July day near Cradle Mountain, Tas, my mate Lyle Rubock took this, who I met on The Overland Track and became friends with.

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