.. Do it … here …

Here are some examples of where to do it.

I often use Google Earth to plan my photography and to plan my trips.

I have some examples from near my place and from the other side of the planet…

Kentlyn, Campbelltown

Near my place..

Some nice lookouts and an easy access down to the Georges River.

Kentlyn Car Parking

It is possible to get an images such as these..

Georges River, Kentlyn

Georges River, Kentlyn

If you leave your car at the car park  in the next photo there are a number of destinations to visit.  I suggest Bushwalkers Basin, it is very pretty.

Keith Longhurst Reserve

Keith Longhurst Reserve

It is possible to get these images.

Bushwalkers Basin

Basin waterfall

My local images were relatively easy to obtain.  The next lot of images required a lot more thought.

Torres del Paine, Chile.

I was surfing Google Earth and thought to myself the southern tip of South America looked interesting.

So a couple of years later I went, I liked it and went back a couple of more times.

The region is called Patagonia and encompasses the southern part of South America, I have marked the places I have visited and stayed at on the Google Earth image below.

Patagonia, South America

I went first to what is claimed to be the most beautiful national park in the world – Torres del Paine.

I used the internet to plan where I wanted to take my photos, what lenses to use, what time of day the sun rose and set and in what direction.  I hired a car at Puerto Natales, which had no hand brake and reject retreads on it, got a flat and took it to a nearby resort and got it repaired, drove off the road and nearly rolled it, because I got confused by the left hand drive, slept overnight and took the photos at the location next to the lake and on the way back to Puerto Natales blew the same tyre and had  another go half flat and had an extended, heated argument with the car hire person about the crook tyres, through an interpreter.  I came back to the park by bus the following day, took a ferry to the north of the same lake, walked to headland just before the glacier on the left , spent the night, then walked back and around to the base of the valley in front of the second photo location, spent the night and then rose early and climbed up into the valley for the Valle de Frances photo.  See the Google Earth image below:

Torres del Paine

From the “photo location” above at the top of the above image I took this image:

Valle de Frances

From the “photo location” at the bottom of the image I took these photos, which was on the far shore of the lake in the distance, in the above photo:

Torres del Paine

The above photo was taken at 8pm at night, and in the valley in the middle of the 8pm photo I took the first photo.

Pre Dawn Cuernos del Paine

This photo I took just before dawn.

Cumbre Principal

This photo I took just at dawn.

Cuerno del Paine

This photo I took just after dawn.

The point being – if you don’t do it, you won’t get it.


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