.. Copy it .. from the Internet

There are many places to go to “steal” other peoples ideas.  As I wrote elsewhere, by steal I mean mimic.  If you can figure out how someone took a photo and emulate it then you have learnt a technique.. eventually you will adapt the techniques you have learnt and develop your own technique..

An easy place to do this is to go to websites where other photographers gather.  I like and contribute to..


There are other sites such as..

You get more out of it.. friends and knowledge if you contribute to other peoples work.. you will see what I mean.

For example, I met  Rodrigo on Flickr, and when in Santiago, Chile, in 2009, he took me to lunch on my birthday… in part payment of his kindness we went to the small hill in Santiago, where the city was first founded, and I lent him my new 5d MII.  He took this photo..

Santiago on Sunset

Rodrigo is not the only friend I have visited in foreign lands and gone shooting with, as a result of showing an interest in their work in Flickr.  You can see his work at Flickr.

It is a human thing.  You give and get in return.

One last place to go to learn.  That place is – Podcasts. You will need to steal your children’s iPod or iPhone.  Apple has an amazing selection of learning material on all sorts of subjects available to download and play on these machines.  They can be audio recordings or videos.  I thoroughly recommend you steal your childrens iPods.  (but don’t blame me if they get angry at you).

Tow Podcasts I like are Jeff Curto’s Camera Position, an photography educator from the USA and Shelton Mullers Shutters Inc, from Australia.  Jeff seems to have gone off uploading of late, but Shelton keeps going and has some interesting stuff… good to listen to on my walks.. as he tends to ramble on with his guests about a wide range of topics..


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