.. Some things to read

There are plenty of books to read to help us be better at doing it..  here a few that might help.  All of them have been of help and I have to admit, I have forgotten much but there are a few I come back to and have marked them thus – *.

Photography Books

* The Practice of Contemplative Photography. Andy Karr & Michael Wood.  Shambhala Publications, Inc.  Boston, USA.
*How to Photograph Australia. Steve Parish.  Steve Parish Publishing, Archerfield, Queensland.  (I have not read this fully yet, but it is a rich resource of ideas and hints)
* Photography and the Art of Seeing.  Freeman Patterson.  Key Porter Books, Ontario, Canada.
The Art of Outdoor Photography, Techniques for the Advanced Amateur and Professional.  Boyd Norton.  Voyageur Press, Stillwater, USA.
* The Art of Colour Photography.  John Hedgecoe.  Mitchell Beazley Publishers, London, UK.
John Hedgecoe’s Workbook of Photo Techniques.  Mitchell Beazley.  Reed International Books, London, UK.
National Geographic Photography Field Guide.  Peter K Burian & Robert Caputo.  National Geographic Society, Washington, USA.
Kodak Pocket Guide to 35mm Photography.  Eastman Kodak Company.  Australia and New Zealand Book Company, Sydney, Australia. (very useful when first starting out, but not looked at much in the last few years)
Kodak Pocket Guide to Great Picture Taking.  Eastman Kodak Company.  Australia and New Zealand Book Company, Sydney, Australia.
Galen Rowell’s Vision.  The Art of Adventure Photography.  Galen Rowell.  Mountain Light Press, Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, USA.
Mountain Light, In Search of the Dynamic Landscape.  Galen Rowell.  Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, USA.
The Professional Photographer’s Guide to Shooting & Selling Nature & Wildlife Photos.  Jim Zuckerman.  Writers Digest Books, Cinciannati, USA.Wilderness Light.  Robert Rankin.  Rankin Publishers, Brisbane, Australia.
Photography Outdoors, A Field Guide for Travel & Adventure Photographers.  Mark Gardner & Art Wolfe.  The Mountaineers, Seattle, USA.
Landscape Photography, A Kodak Guide.  Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester.
John Shaw’s Landscape Photography.  John Shaw.  AMPHOTO, New York, USA.
Understanding Exposure, How to Shoot Great Photographs.  Bryan Peterson.  AMPHOTO, New York, USA.
Outdoor Photography, 101 Tips and Hints.  Heather Angel.  Silver Pixel Press, Rochester, USA.
The Sierra Club Guide to 35mm Landscape Photography.  Tim Fitzharris.  Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, USA.
The Backpacker’s Photography Handbook.  Charles Campbell.  AMPHOTO, New York, USA.The Photographer’s Question and Answer Book.  Michael Busselle.  William Collins Sons & Co, London, UK.
Photography Hints & Tips.  Michael Busselle.  Harper Collins Publishers, London, UK.

Digital Imaging Books

Photoshop CS Artistry, Mastering The Digital Image.  Barry Haynes & Wendy Crumpler.  New Riders, Indianapolis, USA.
Adobe Photoshop for Digital Photographers. Scott Kelby. New Riders, Indianapolis, USA.
* Scott Kelby’s 7 Point System for Photoshop.  Scott Kelby. PeachPitt Press.
Photoshop Masking and Compositing.  Eisman. New Riders, Indianapolis, USA.
Photoshop Restoration and Retouching.  Eisman. New Riders, Indianapolis, USA.

Coffee Table Books

Dombrovskis, A Photographic Collection.  Peter Dombrovskis.  West Wind Press, Hobart, Australia.
Beyond The Reach, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.  Chris Bell.  Laurel Press, Hobart, Australia.
Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park.  John Chapman.  Drinkwater Publishing, Hobart, Australia.
Untouched Horizons, Photographs from the South Island Wilderness.  Nic Bishop.  Hodder & Stoughton, Auckland, New Zealand.
Alpine Australia, Classic Mountain Landscapes.  Mike Edmondson.  Kosciusko Expeditions, Jindabyne, Australia.
A Remarkable Eye, The Australian Photographs of Jean-Paul Ferrero.  Viking, Penguin Books Australia.
the world of OLEGAS TRUNCHANAS.  Max Angus, Australian Conservation Foundation.

Bushwalking Books

Cross Country Navigation, International Rogaining Association.  Rod Phillips, Neil Phillips and Graham Foley.  Outdoor Recreation in Australia, Perth, Australia.
Paddy Pallin’s Bushwalking and Camping.  Paddy Pallin Pty Ltd.  Envirobook, Sydney, Australia.
First Aid.  The St John Ambulance Association of The Order of St John of The Priory in Australia, Australia.
Stay Alive.  Maurice Dunlevy.  Australian Government.
Safety in the Bush.  Hobart Walking Club Inc.  Hobart, Tasmania.
Fitzroy Falls and Beyond.  The Budawang Committee, Sydney, Australia.
Pigeon House and Beyond.  The Budawang Committee, Sydney, Australia.
Bushwalks in the Sydney Region.  The National Parks Association of NSW, Sydney, Australia.
Snowy Mountains Walks.  Geehi Bushwalking Club.  The Geehi Club, Cooma, Australia.
South-West Tasmania, a Natural History and Visitors Guide
.  Ken Collins.  Heritage Books, Hobart, Australia.
South West Tasmania.  John Chapman.  Melbourne, Australia.
Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks.  John Chapman & John Siseman.  Pindari Publications, Melbourne, Australia.


I used to suggest spending some time in your local bookstore.  I can’t any more, because they have become bankrupt, because everyone was doing what I was doing, browsing in the store then buying online.

An almost 360 degree panorama


One thought on “.. Some things to read

  1. The view here I would classify as a “bucket list” lifetime experience. It was staggeringly beautiful. At the end of the left arm or Fiordo Pía. A panorama of 5 images

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