Flickr update

Island in the cloudsBreakfast ViewPura Ulun Danu BratanTemple offeringA family affairWater Temple
WayanThe boys in the bandNearly there..Cock FightingTown hall to the left, temple to the right.Inside the temple
Gates are important.PrayerEven the statues wear a sarong..Offerings..more offerings..Even more offerings
On the way..Pura Taman AyunPura Taman AyunPura Taman AyunPura Taman AyunThe newly weds..

Been a little preoccupied with making money, not because I am making lots of it, but because it has got a lot harder to make it.. :).. so here are some images of a short trip to Indonesia, in November, the annual pilgrimage to The Snowy Mountains, in December… and another short trip to Malaysia and Singapore, in October. I do like my photography, it gives me balance.. if that makes sense.


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