Are we what we keep..?

We are what we collect, no?

These are things that sit on my desk at work, I picked up on my wanderings

A statue to remind me of times in the bush with my old kelpie dog…. an empty bottle of Tasmanian water…. a stone hut with matchstick roof made by a young European, with a bad stutter, in Queenstown NZ…. a coffee cup from Indonesia…. a telescope from an antique store that was flooded a week after I bought it when the Hunter River flooded Newcastle, NSW…. a piece of The Great Wall of China…. a river stone with Indian writing on it from El Chaltén, Argentina…. a rock with Aust. Aboriginal art on it, from my wife…. a glacial rock from the shore of Lago Grey, Chile…. a piece of granite from Tonga Quarry, Abel Tasman NP, NZ…. an Aust. Aboriginal cutting stone from Westbreak Mountain, near my place…. a crystal Platypus, from my wife…. a bushwalking boot, whittled by an old lady from the north of the north island of New Zealand…. an ashtray from Valpariso, Chile…. a stone frog from my sister…. a name tag, made by the father of the bride, at a bush wedding, 5 hours drive west of Brisbane…. a Thai Buddha, from the floating markets, near Bangkok…. a Mate Gourd and Bombilla for drinking Yerba, from Buenos Aires, Argentina….

Are we what we collect?  I watch the new visitors to my office, they usually look at it briefly with a somewhat puzzled look, I imagine they are not interested, too amazed to say anything or too polite to inquire  … as they mostly come in because they want something.. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Are we what we keep..?

  1. I collect noses now. So what should I say… ?

    Seriously, I remember as a child i started to collect randomly – I thought. Today I know, there was a concept. Deep in the head is something that drives us. Kinda ‘template’. For most people it’s things they liked in their childhood, early years and forgot over the years. Some compensate bad feelings. Some simply are mad 😉

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