I’m free…..

I have left Facebook…

I am not sure fully why I did it.. it just felt the right thing to do.

I have concluded I prefer to talk to people.  Facebook  is great for your friends who live in time zones 12 hours opposite to yours, because it’s difficult to talk to them.. but..

I struggle to keep in regular contact with my small group of good friends.. I do not see how it is possible to have a friendship with a huge list of people on sites like Facebook…

Facebook has made talking to your friends too easy.. there is no effort involved… it, IMHO, lessens the value of friendship.. it is not really talking… it is making announcements… to a wide cross-section of friends who have different interests… not necessarily mine.

So, I think I will just indulge in a bit of the first sign of madness… “talking to myself”…. which will “twitter” to the cloud, so those who want to listen, will.

You are welcome to listen… 🙂  you can subscribe here or at twitter.


One thought on “I’m free…..

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